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The Way of Harmony Project will be a website under constant construction and a work in progress.

I initially was inspired to create this platform as as way to share Way of Harmony Qigong (chi-kung), a type of moving meditation I practice in order to keep myself in shape and energized to meet the challenges of everyday life. I do have one-page dedicated to my personal journey with this practice. I am also very inspired by the role that qigong, and sport generally, can play as foundation elements for the building of community, and information on this site reflects that interest.

The political events of late 2020and early 2021, however, have challenged me to try and broaden the scope of my discussion of the Way of Harmony as we attempt to heal divisions within our communities that threaten to break us apart.

More and more we as a world are falling into the trap of labeling others based on a catch phrase (i.e. socialist, radical left-winger, extreme right-winger, communist, Black-Lives-Matter lover, election stealer, etc.) anyway you get the idea.

To make life simpler and politically expedient we tend to narrow our definitions of the opponent and revel in our perceived differences rather than similarities.

The simple message from this Way of Harmony Project site is there is more that unites us as people than what divides us. The great majority of us are struggling to be good parents, good family members and hoping to give our children a quality education that will help them have a prosperous future. We are trying to survive in difficult economic and health situations, taking care of those in need, and attempting to build strong communities.

The Way of Harmony Project circular logo on our home page illustrates the multi-layered texture of all of our lives. The individual embraced by the family, embedded in the community and integrated into the circles of, nation and world.

As a municipal administrator for over 27 years and a non-profit administrator for another 10 it has been my experience that it is at the local, city, village and town level where the most positive and powerful community building efforts can take place. I would like to use this space to share community-building efforts that reflect Way of Harmony Project values like respect, tolerance, forgiveness, compassion, service and sacrifice, efforts that "choose harmony" focused on truth and the best in human nature. I also hope to allow others to share their stories directly.

My first blog is about one of the most successful community builders in recent history, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I will attempt to build out Informational Pages that reflect my future efforts and interest like: Book Reviews/Quotes, Sustainability, Community Builders, Eastern vs. Western Qigong, and Songs of Harmony.

Thanks for taking the time to review this initial kick-off for the Way of Harmony Project and let's keep building community together with our positive energy. Thanks, Dave Tebo,, 920-740-8804.

A little bit more about me, putting a face to a name.

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